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This Is Framingham
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Health Clinic?

June 22nd, 2006

health clinic

I originally took this picture to post about fond memories of learning to drive at A&A auto school.  Getting the hands on experience of driving with the instructor who looked like he or she wanted to be anywhere but in the car with me and my classmates.  I remember I used to think it was cool that the instructors would smoke in the car. 
I was noticing that in the picture next door the old army recruiting office is under construction.  I looked up on the town permit page to see if I could find out anything and I saw this.
Is this THE health clinic that has been talked about so much?  I didn’t know it was approved and I thought it was going down by the dentist office on
Waverly street but maybe I’m wrong on both counts. 

The *new* Chicken Bone

October 30th, 2006

I was alerted by the good reverend Bob that the Chicken Bone Saloon was now just “The Chicken Bone” and seems to have changed owners as well as the format from biker bar to family restaurant.

As long as the food is still good, I don’t see a problem with this, although I’m curious to know the story behind the change over. 

I love the chicken playing a flaming guitar on the sign, if nothing else, that’s a good enough reason to like the new Chicken Bone.
I haven’t been in yet since the new owners took over but on their site they show some pictures that show they made changes inside.
The Chicken Bone is one of the few non-Brazilian restaurants in downtown, nothing against Brazilian restaurants but it’s nice to have a little variety so I’m grateful that the new ownership didn’t decide to pick up and leave downtown.

Also, next door used to be a building that my uncle had his auto part store in (after he moved it from the corner of Waverly and Concord).  They knocked this building down about a month (or more?) ago and I have been trying to find out what will be going there. 

Last time I was in the chicken bone they said it was supposed to be a health clinic but I read that a health clinic is going in on Union Ave. 
I REALLY hope they’re not putting two health clinics downtown.  I want downtown to be a cool place but no one is going to want to come here if all the stores are turned into health clinics or places of worship, offices, etc…  I think downtown needs vacant stores/restaurants being turned into new stores/restaurants.