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Wings Over Framingham is open

August 8th, 2009

Last night was Wings Over Framingham’s opening day and we didn’t feel like cooking so we decided to check them out.
We used their online ordering and found that pretty easy to use. does ivermectin kill dog ear mites   A nice feature they have is that you can check on your food via the website too. ivermectin tap   We were really surprised that what seemed liked 10 minutes that it was updated to “Your food is on it’s way” and shortly after that someone was at our door with our wings.
We both got boneless wings, I got “wimpy” and Ethan got a bit spicier “red alert”. non-ivermectin wormers

I like that they marked at least one of them because the Chicken Bone doesn’t and we can never tell which one is spicy, which leads us to believe maybe they just put the same sauce on both or maybe their mild just isn’t that mild because we can’t tell the difference, but anyway it’s nice to have some identification.

These were pretty good,  they could have come with a little more celery, which seemed like enough for one person but it was their first day and maybe something happened with the celery portion.
I’d say these are just as good as Chicken Bone and the edge Wings Over Framingham would have over them is their extremely fast delivery.
They have 24 sauces to choose from and you can find all of the info you need about this place on their website:

Wings Over Framingham coming at some point

March 24th, 2009

I didn’t get to take a picture yesterday of the whole building so I’m just using an old photo taken of the old car dealership  in front of Walgreen’s on rt. 135.  Thanks to a tip from a nice reader, I found out that in this building, but to the right (and just cut out of this picture) is where a restaurant called “Wings Over Framingham” will be probably sometime in April.  I walked up to the window yesterday and saw they have some tables and chairs and a menu posted inside. ???? ?????

I know Framingham already has the awesome Chicken Bone less than a mile from here and on the same street, but I’m happy to see this moving in.  Ethan was thinking maybe Framingham will become the Buffalo Wing capital of Metrowest! onecard fawry

For all of those mourning the loss of KFC on 135

March 16th, 2010

I know there were a few of you wondering what happened with the sudden closing of the KFC on 135 downtown.  I still don’t know anything about it, but you might be happy to know it looks like there is a new fried chicken place opening up downtown called Crown Fried Chicken. ivermectin skin turned black and blue   With the Chicken Bone, Wings Over Framingham and this place, now we’ll have three chicken specialty restaurants downtown! what does ivermectin do?

RMV Closing(!)

July 8th, 2009

So according to the MWDN the RMV in Framingham is closing, which I think is terrible.  I just had surprisingly decent experiencethere in May and was grateful to the convenience of having this close by.  So this adds to the exodus of services that I used and were in walking distance of my house that were functioning when we first moved here only 5 years ago:  Friendly’s, Farmer’s Exchange, Fabric Place, White’s Hardware. ?????? ???????  I never would have thought any of those places would be going anywhere considering how long they had been at their locations. ???????    I don’t know if the building will be vacant because the article says they will still conduct driving tests in Framingham, I’m just not sure if it will be at this location. ????? ??????
Chalk up another bad move for Framingham 🙁
We need Wings Over Framingham to open and have something good to write about!!

New pizza place coming

June 7th, 2009

Looks like a BBQ Grill and Pizza place is opening downtown on Concord St.  I haven’t been able to find out any information on this but I’m guessing there is a good chance it’s Brazilian.
On a related pizza note, I walked by Anastasia’s and there was a note in their window offering temporary price cuts due to the economy:

In non-pizza related news, we’re still eagerly awaiting Wings over Framingham to open!!


January 6th, 2010

Over the holiday season I got a gift certificate to Acapulco’s, which has quite a few locations, including Framingham, so Ethan and I headed out last night to see what it was like.
The building they’re in at 1656 Worcester Road, used to be the Iguana Cantina and I can’t remember what it was before that, Fortune house or Fortune Cookie. 
I didn’t get a good picture of the outside but it’s always struck me as kind of an odd building to have a restaurant in and inside is a little tight but  they make it work.  The atmosphere in there is really nice and festive but not in-your-face festive.  There was a mariachi band walking around and playing at tables, which I know is in-your-face festive, but they were so laid back, it was comfortable and a nice treat to have on a quiet Tuesday night.

Our waiter was really friendly and attentitive, he started off by bringing over some chips and salsa.

Then we each got a glass of Sangria – which I didn’t see on the menu so I asked the waiter of they had it and he said “the best!”
Which was very good and served in a generously sized Margarita glass.

Since we had a gift certificate for a good amount, we got an appetizer plate called the “fiesta platter” which had nachos, mini-quesadillas, mini-flautas and buffalo wings.

For dinner Ethan got a chicken burrito

I got Pork Carintas in a quesadilla, which I should have just got the dish on it’s own, but it was still okay, the pork was a little on the dry side but not terrible.

I’d wrap up the experience as good.  The food is decent, the guacamole is very good and the atmosphere and service are excellent.  At first when I got the gift certificate to this place I wasn’t thrilled because I’m not a huge Mexican food fan but I’m glad we got to go because it was so nice inside and had a really nice night.
Here’s their website for more information:


June 19th, 2008

My friend Yana told me about “Boneoke” on Wednesday nights at the Chicken Bone on Waverly Street.  It’s Karaoke but with 2 musicians and no screens to read the words from. ??????? ??? ??????   It sounded interesting so I went with her to check it out.
Scott Damgaard is the guitarist and runs the show every week.  I got to talk with him last night and he’s also one of the nicest guys around. ????? ????? ????? ?????    He has a book of 500 songs that you can pick from, but he’s also open to suggestions and may know a song you’d like to sing that isn’t listed in the book. 
Somehow I didn’t trust myself to know all the words to any of these songs, I couldn’t believe it – but I know now what I will study for next week.  Although, you don’t have to study as some people brought a lyric sheet or read the lyrics off their cell phone. ???? ????? ???????

It’s a very comfortable atmosphere, even I (who hates getting up infront of people) wanted to get up and release my inner rock star (although it doesn’t exist, but I really wanted to try!).   Scott will even let you take over the guitar if you’re so inclined:

Here’s some more pics of Boneoke:

We had so much fun, I’m so glad Yana told me about this and I’ll definitely be back (probably with a  lyric sheet).  I’ve always loved the Chicken Bone’s wings but this gives me a whole new reason to this gem of downtown.

For more info on the Chicken Bone, check out their site:
 and Scott Damgaard:

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